CCG Chapter Websites:
buttonChapter 1, Santa Clara Valley Carvers
buttonChapter 2, Orange County Woodcarvers
buttonChapter 5, Tri-Valley Woodcarvers
buttonChapter 7, Central Coast Carvers
buttonChapter 20, Capital Woodcarvers Association
buttonChapter 22, Ramona Country Carvers
buttonChapter 23, Central California Woodcarvers (on Facebook)
buttonChapter 31, Craft-T-Carvers
buttonChapter 45, Smoky Hollow Carvers
buttonChapter 55, Placentia Woodcarvers Club
buttonChapter 62, Tehachapi Mountain Carvers
CCG Members' Websites:
buttonGil Drake
buttonDave Stetson
buttonBob Travis
buttonJoe You

Annual Woodcarving Events
buttonOakhurst Wood Carvers Rendezvous--Join your fellow woodcarvers for a week-long learning experience in beautiful Oakhurst, California!
Some Interesting Wood Carving Links
Carving Clubs:
buttonCaricature Carvers of America
buttonChip Chats--National Woodcarvers' Association Magazine
buttonMid America Woodcarvers
buttonNorthwest Wood Carvers Assn.

Carvers and Carving Instructors:
buttonCarvin' in NYC. -- An excellent site; be sure to check out her "knowledge" pages!
buttonGene Webb -- A woodcarver/Instructor in Tennesee. Classes, roughouts for sale. (on Facebook)

Carving Magazines and Books:
buttonCarving Magazine Online
buttonFox Chapel Publishing ( (A major source of wood carving books!)
buttonWood Carving Illustrated Magazine (
buttonWoodezine - A great online magazine for woodworkers, turners, and carvers

Carving Tools and Supplies:
buttonDrake Knives
buttonKlingspor's Woodworking Shop Quality sanding products, woodworking tools and supplies
buttonWoodcarvers Warehouse (Whillock Woodcarving) An online store for woodcarvers

Woodworking: - woodworking community forum - Fine Woodworking Magazine's Website
buttonWoodworking Resources - For the Beginning Builder - Especially recommended by Daniel in Sarah Cromwell's after school program in Colorado.

Online Woodcarving Resources:
buttonWood-Carving Guide - Many useful links; especially recommended by Emma in Mrs. Walker's class at the Elm Grove Community Center.
button (An E-Mail discussion group for wood carvers in California)
Santa Clara Valley Chapter's Carving Links (Lots of good links!):